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Kuri Special Showcase Vol.01

Update Kuri Showcase July 2021.

Hello people! As we are? 

We took some time to talk to you and explain everything that happened (and is happening) and especially the reason for our delay. 

First, it is important to emphasize that we are a 200% independent comic book collective and we have our jobs, bills, schedules and unfortunately  our problems screaming in our ear 24/7. Everything we do for Kuri is somewhere in the middle of it all. 

It is our wish that our copyrighted comics become our main work but for that to happen we need A LOT. A lot of time, a lot of investment, a lot of work, a lot of people and a lot of encouragement from the public. We have already started very well in this incentive part, we had an excellent pre-sale that financed the project in just a few weeks and for that we are eternally grateful.

Right after the launch of the project we had a sad loss in our family due to Corona and it took us a long time to get back on our feet. This process of getting up after the fall is still going on and if it wasn't enough we still had a super high in the price of paper among other setbacks that are not worth listing here. 

It's also worth saying that independent projects struggle to survive amid a market full of monsters like the Jeff Bezos of life who eat small publishers for breakfast. 

But now is the time for the good news. We are 95%  ready for launch. A few last details and we'll go to the graphics in the coming weeks. The edition is going the way we dreamed and we are already making plans for volume 2 (spoiler!) with the necessary bug fixes. We have great suppliers and everything organized for when it's time for shipments. Everyone who bought the book in the pre-sale can be at peace because we'll ship it as soon as possible. 

We sincerely apologize for the delay and we can happily say that it will be very worth it. 
This comic, in addition to being something we do with love, is a celebration of art in a country that rejects and scraps it.
We are resistance and will continue to be. 

As a way to thank you for the journey so far, we leave a taste of what you will be able to enjoy from the book in September! :)

Tight hugs: Team Kuri Comics
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